Ian Blumers is a German cinematographer. He started his career in film as an uncredited hand model in Louis Leterrier’s „the Transporter“. In the scene where Jason Statham orders a beer in a French bar Ian had his first big screen appearance. The hands in the close up of the bartender’s hands pouring the draft are actually Ian’s hands. He got hooked and started shooting music videos and short films progressing to commercials and feature films.
He is the brother of German/French Director Lars Blumers, whose commercials have won several awards. Lars’ first feature film „Mike“ won the Fritz-Raff-Drehbuchpreis at the Max Ophüls Film Festival in 2012.
Ian’s latest credits include Ralf Westhoff’s critically acclaimed feature film and German box office hit „ Wir sind die Neuen“ (X-Verleih) and André Erkau’s children film „Winnetou’s Son“(Weltkino), which just won the Audience Award at the 31t International Warsaw Film Festival 2015. He also worked as a Camera Operator on the TV show Homeland Season 5 that was shot by David Klein and recently completed in Berlin.
Other acclaimed productions include „Fair Trade“, by Michael Dreher, winner of the German Film Award, the 27th International Cinematographers Film Festival Manaki Brothers, First Steps Award,  AFI Film Festival, Aspen and many others.
Ian also shot the feature film „Summer“ by Mike Marzuk and the debut film of Alexander Dierbach „Uns trennt das Leben“. Winner of the Studio Hamburg Talent Award. and last but not least African fairy tale „Menged“ by Daniel Taye Workou which won the Cristal bear Generation Kplus at the 57th International Film Festival Berlin, the Ouagadougou Panafrican Film Festival and was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival.
Ian Blumers is based in Berlin and works mainly in feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. He is fluent in German, French and English and has a good working knowledge of Italian.